Mauritius Rusa Deer Hunting and Big Game Fishing #302

Mauritius Rusa Deer Hunting and Big Game Fishing #302

This outfitter has the exclusive access for those looking for an authentic and unique experience of both hunting and big game fishing (along with family excursions) in Mauritius. They offer packages including accommodations, hunting and big game fishing, as well as daily rates for both activities. The outfitter personally takes care of you from the moment of your arrival at the airport and for the duration of your stay. And he controls the two largest hunting areas on the island; one being 12,000 acres, and the other about 8,000 acres.

Jimmy-Yanogliou-at-letoile.-35-x-23-9-300x225 There are two types of hunting offered in Mauritius:

  • The first is the driven hunt which comprises of approximately forty Mauritian hunters, a hundred hunting dogs, and around forty beaters. The hunt is then followed by the traditional lunch.
  • The second is a Walk & Stalk hunt with rifle or bow and arrow. In both cases you will be personally guided and advised by our outfitter.

Two exceptional hunting grounds are utilized. The first, located in the West, is the largest of the island, with its 12,000 acres, and is reminiscent of the African Savannah. It contains about 10,000 rusa and lots of wild hogs.


The second area, to the East of the island, is the birthplace of the Rusa deer, which landed in Mauritius in the 17th century. Covering an area of 8,000 acres, this area produces the most beautiful trophies of the island thanks to its luxurious and abundant vegetation. It is thicker, and very forested and has about 4,000 Rusa deer and many wild hogs.

deer-hunting-mauritius2-300x188 The Rusa deer available in Mauritius Island were re-introduced from Java island in 1639 by the Dutch people for the purpose of livestock. Only a few years after, a cyclone broke the fence and the animals returned to the wild. Since that time the Rusa deer population has exploded demographically, reaching nearly 60,000 animals, and has become an important part of the local wildlife.


Fully grown male Rusa deer weigh 150 – 180 Kg ( 330- 400 pounds). Like all the deer tribes, only the males have large well shaped horns. The norm is a three point per side rack. Horn sizes are normally 30’ to 34” but can reach to 36” plus. They are incredibly heavy and dense when one picks them up to hold them. The males use their horns during rut. The male loses its’ antlers in mid-December. They are fully regrown by late May. The deer’s horns due to their density and heft, means they are very dangerous for its rivals during a fight. The animal’s throat presents as an almost white, well-marked towel. The rut takes place from mid-July till the end of August.

The principal advantages of this species are their extraordinary sense of smell, sight and hearing and the perfect command it has in the forest. Being a very intelligent animal, hunting it becomes even more enthralling. It is also one of the most challenging deer species to hunt. All the hunters of the world who have been able to pursue it do agree on that point! And the mass, length and symmetry make for a beautiful mount.

The hunting season opens on June 1 and closes the end of November. The rut is typically mid-July to the end of September which is the best and most exciting time to hunt in Mauritius.

Mauritius is internationally known as one of the best big game fishing destinations in the world. The king of the sea, the marlin, is the most sought-after and several world records have been obtained in Mauritian waters. Depending on the season, blue or black marlin, tuna, shark, Dorado, Wahoo and others await you. Deep sea fishing is one of the most exciting experiences to discover here, and is available throughout the year.

Their fleet consists of 38’ and 47’ offshore boats rigged with only the best fishing equipment including Penn International 2 X 130 Lbs, 2 X 80 Lbs, 3 X 50 Lbs, harness, bucket, gaffes, flying gaffes, Fighting chair and a large choice of lures.


Client Comments: “We were looking for a holiday location with warm water, colorful fish, good food and some hunting for myself. We booked a 10-day trip to the island of Mauritius. We had a sensational hotel with a beautiful beach, excellent food, found the island very interesting and very adaptable to our 5- and 7-year-old kids and had a marvelous time. I did hunt Rusa on walk and stalk and the outfitter guided me personally. We shot a great stag out of a herd of at least 25 stags after we passed on two other herd stags that he found not big enough. The handling of the trophy was good and I was able to take my trophy as skull mount home when we left. We also went on a fishing trip and I managed to land a Dorado and two Barracudas. We are very happy that we did this trip and we are grateful for the personal care and hospitality from start to finish. We highly recommend this adventure and outfitter and I am happy to refer my friends and clients.” Christian.


“Mauritius was my 35th hunting trip and it was one of the best. The hunt was a real experience in a paradise area. The game was very plentiful and hunting a great memory. Even the big game fishing for marlin and other species was very well. We caught Dorado, Tuna, Bonito, very successful. We had a great experience with whales and we are sure to fish again on our next visit with you. Mauritius is a dream. We came as guests and went as friends. We’ll be back.” Thomas & Berni from Germany / Bavaria.

Accommodations include your choice of 6 hotels and guest houses each with an exquisite setting and tropical views overlooking the pools, gardens and ocean.

There are very few venues around the world able to cater to all the varied needs of a family wanting both wilderness hunting and a luxury resort. But we’re delighted to reveal that we have uncovered one such place for you here on the Island of Mauritius!

2024 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received; all prices in USD unless indicated)

Package Includes:
• 1 Gold Medal rusa deer up to 34”
• 7 nights’ accommodation for two adults sharing at hotel of their choice, including breakfast & dinner
• Spot & stalk hunt for 1 hunter
• Lunch and drinks on hunting days
• Rental of rifles, with scope and ammunition
• Exclusive use of the hunting grounds during your hunts
• Local hunting permits
• Field preparation of all trophies
• Golf
• Airport and hunting transfers

• Additional hunting day: $550/hunter per day
• Additional game, as per price list
• Driven hunt, as per price list
• Big game fishing, as per price list
• Guided visit of the island: $250/day

$12,500* – 5 Star Hotel (best on the island)
$8,300* – 4 Star Hotel (just 50 rooms)
*Prices based on June to September dates. Rates increase from October to December.


Daily Rate 550
1) Boar 500
2) Doe 375
3) Daguet – one year old deer 450
4) Trois Cornichons – Deer less than 15 “ 550
5) Premier Grand Bois – Deer between 15″ – 19 7/8″ 1200
6) Trophy stag from 20″ to 24 7/8″ 1900
7) Trophy stag from 25″ to 29 7/8” 2550
8) Trophy stag from 30″ to 34 2500
9) Trophy stag from 34 1/4″ to 35” 4000
10) Trophy stag from 35 1/4″ to 36″ 4450
11) Trophy stag from 36 1/4″ to 37″ 6300
12) Trophy stag from 37 1/4″ to 39″ 8500

A) Abnormal head on trophy stags: less 20%
B) Management rusa (Old bulls) $1500



• Full Day (7 AM to 4 PM) – $1,000 per person
• Half Day (7 AM to 1 PM) – $850 per person

Prices include soft drinks and water on board. Lunch is $24/person.


This fishing trip is on St Brandon islands (Mauritius). St Brandon is the most beautiful, untouched atoll in the world. It’s 100 nautical miles off the cost of Mauritius and up to very recently nobody outside of Mauritius had access to it. The fishing is extraordinary and ideal for fly fishing or any other kind or forms…

Soudan Banc Package for up to 6 People

• 3-day trip (1 full day fishing) – 14,000 Euros
• 5-day trip (2 full days fishing) – 15,000 Euros
• 7-day trip (3 full days fishing) – 17,000 Euros

St. Brandon Package for up to 6 People

• 10-day expedition (7 nights at St. Brandon) – 46,000 Euros


• Meet & greet at airport
• Airport transfers
• Use of luxurious 71-foot boat, including diesel, service of one skipper & 2 crew members, to the atoll & back
• Food & drinks (water, cold drinks & local beers)

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Email: or 307.637.5495