Western Colorado Muleys, Elk, Bear & More Hunt #108

Western Colorado Muleys, Elk, Bear & More Hunt #108

This excellent Colorado outfitter likes to say that they will do nothing less then go to the ends of the earth to insure your hunt was the hunt of a lifetime. They treat every hunt as though it were just that. The hunt of a lifetime. We like the fact that one of their passions is chasing mountain lion. We have found over the years that our die hard lion outfitters see a ton of country- meaning they know where to look for what- and when! It shows in this outfitters’ results:
“I have hunted with him for several years; on private property and some BLM concessions he has. I have successfully taken Elk and Mule Deer with him. In 2014 I harvested a B & C Big Game Awards Buck scoring 184.5 for the 2013-2015 year. B & C is tough; that buck was 196 for a 4×4 to start. I hunted dry land Mountain Lion with him this spring (2017); we chased one for 2 days and lost him in some rock cliffs; he showed me how to track them; what was fresh. The dogs and him were completely done by the end- maximum effort.; that’s all you can ask for. Hank W.
“Top operation, made us part of the family. Have hunted all over the world, nothing better then this. Took a B&C lion and 3 muleys between 176 and 180 plus. Other 4 muley hunters there went 4 for 4 on excellent muleys. Fantastic meals and clean comfortable lodging.” Shawn T.
This outfit produces excellent rifle and bow hunts for Mule Deer and Mountain Lions as well as Elk, Black Bear and even Turkeys. Hunts are usually based from a house style camp where hot meals and hot showers are a nice touch of home comfort, but they will hunt from a tent camp depending on the hunt you choose. . Their hunts start in a valley adjacent to farm ground, and go from that 5,500 foot elevation on up to about 9,000 feet. Typically plenty of trees and brush here and parts are steep. They will work within your physical ability, just let us at Hunt Nation know if you feel that you any limitations that should be taken into account. They offer fully guided hunts, and some limited drop camps as well.
It is useful to have a general understanding of how the Colorado seasons are organized. It will help focus your decisions. Applications are due very early in April!! This is a short overview:
Archery Season is the longest season, running from late August through September. The weather is generally milder during archery season. The elk rut typically occurs during archery season. There are also later season bow hunts. Muzzleloader Season is one week in mid-September. It is generally around the elk rut. Muzzleloader licenses are all limited draw licenses.We love to hunt this season for elk- they are screaming and relatively un-hunted!!
First Rifle Season is fully limited and for elk only, so this season offers the least crowded hunting option for elk hunters. With the first rifle season following the archery and muzzleoader season, hunters have a very good chance of harvesting a trophy bugling bull elk.If you like to hunt screaming bulls, this is a good draw with decent odds too.
Second and Third Rifle Seasons have both elk and deer draw licenses and also offers over-the-counter elk licenses. So that if you did not draw, you can buy an over the counter elk license. The availability of over-the-counter elk licenses makes second and third rifle an easy option for hunters that missed the draw, didn’t draw, are saving preference points, or are just looking for a hunting opportunity that allows you to “buy a license and go hunt”I A good chance to go hunting..
Fourth Rifle Season is in mid-November and is limited draw for deer and elk. It is sometimes possible to do both.The winter weather has set in so there are fewer hunters in the field but the animals are generally concentrated and moving toward winter range so they’re often easier to locate. This season is a great opportunity to find the trophy mule deer still in the rut as well. as
Actual dates will vary widely, but a rough rule of thumb is that Bow is in September or a bit earlier or later; muzzleloader in mid Sept (prime bugle); First season about 2nd week of Oct; Second season about 3rd week of Oct; third season is first week of Nov and 4th about mid -Nov.

This outfitter offers bow, muzzleloader and rifle elk hunts. All hunts are for wild free range animals. Normally you will use the base camp, but could be in a tent or a trailer in some cases. You will be hunting the Grand Mesa, considered to be the largest flat top mountain in the world- but realize elevations still go from 5,000 to almost 10,000 feet! Not so flat! Expect to find elk living at every elevation in between. Most of his trophy elk hunting is done on private ground- very important normally. They know where to fin water, feed, wallows and bedding cover, so your odds are very good.
They believe they see more elk as the weather gets colder. They will take your bull to a meat processor for you, but you pay for the processing of course. The outfitter also has an excellent taxidermy business, so look over his mounts and consider him before leaving.
DROP CAMPS: They do offer some fully equipped and exclusive private land drop camps on various properties. Ask us for details.

Private land is key to this outfitters success in producing big Colorado muley bucks. You will be accessing some prime country with great genetics and a solid deer herd that has a reputation for producing some huge bucks. They hunt multiple units including Game Management units 41, 52, 62 and 411. They consistently take bucks in the 170 to 200 inch range, plus a few over 200.
They understand you have invested a lot of time in getting tags and travelling, so they truly want you to be happy and successful and they will bust butt to make that happen. Normally you will be walking, stalking and glassing. You might post up on occasion though, or even use a blind. They know the feeding areas and the transition zones and bedding places, so you can expect to see deer regularly. Again, as the year goes on and rut and weather kick in, they believe they tend to see more big bucks. Rut for muley bucks usually kicks in during the third and fourth rifle hunts. Expect a home cooked breakfast and a big dinner; but lunch depends on what is going on!

Western Colorado produces large number of massive black bears, and many are color phase. This area is full of dense cover and the September rifle bear tag is a limited draw. However most bear tags are bought over the counter along with the purchase of an elk or deer tag. Because the law prohibits use of bait and use of hounds, there are plenty of bears, and more each year. You can combo them with your deer or elk hunt!! Typically you are placed on stand in a likely area, once you have taken your elk or deer.

These can be very physical hunts in rugged rimrock canyon country. When wether cooperates, expect virtually 100% success. Super dry though will drop success down. With snow on the ground they use 4X4’s and ATV’s to locate a big track, then the chase is on. They have some superb hounds. Hunts generally run from November into late April. Tags are over the counter. These guys know the lion game and their houndsmanship is second to none. They are permitted over a vast area.  Opportunity is about 85% and kill about 80%, including the dry ground hunts!

Hunts are 7 days long and they will extend it if needed! Also they work hard with their dogs to train them on dry land trailing. Premier dry ground hounds are worth their weight in gold, and they have some great ones.
TRAVEL: If you fly it will be into Montrose Regional Airport or Grand Junction Regional. They will pick you up and take you to their main lodging area. Also note that outfitter operates a meat shipping facility and is a taxidermist too. We have not seen his work, but references say it is very good.
LICENSES: Please check with us as he operates in many units. Deer however is primarily in GMU 411 and 52. He also gets some landowner ranch vouchers, so again, check with us on this.
LODGING: They are currently having a lodge built for elk and bear hunting. But lodging varies with area and ranch, being anything from a 5th wheel trailer to a nearby hotel (Hotels are at hunters cost if they chose a hotel).
POINTS OF INTEREST: Escalante Canyon, Black Canyon Ntl Monument, many wineries nearby.
2018 PRICES:
ELK: $6000 1X1- 5 days. 2×1 $5500. Drop camp: Inquire as to availability, prices, ranch, size of group
MULE DEER: $6,000 for a 1X1 trophy hunt. 5 days 2×1 $5500.
BEAR: $3500, 5 days. Or pay a $1500 kill fee if done with an elk or deer hunt.
MOUNTAIN LION: Winter snow hunt 5 days $5500; Spring dry ground 7 days $4500.
MERRIAM’S TURKEY HUNT: $1500. Three days.
BIG HORN SHEEP: AREA S-62. 1X1 guiding: 7 days $7500 and $1000/day for extra days. A second guide is $200/day. Airplane scouting can be arranged at $300/hour.

PH: 1-307-637-5495 email: info@hunt-nation.com
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