If you know elk hunts, then you understand that there are very few elk hunts where you can hunt with a rifle during the September bugle season! Wyoming wilderness hunts are some of the finest of that type of elk hunt. From long experience, we sure prefer bulls to sing out-“ I am on this mountain- not that one!” Makes it so much more fun!!!  Trying to find quiet bulls in a million acres is not always easy! This hunt is in one of those rifle-during-the-bugle areas, with bow hunting opening Sept 1 and gun opening Sept 20th in area 71 (General tag– apply by January 31st!!). If you choose to hunt in area 79 the gun season opens Oct 10th.  Area 79 is a limited quota tag, but the draw was 100% on both of these tags at the higher priced tag (called the Special tag- $1071). If you opt for the less expensive regular tag- odds drop drastically! So spend the extra $500 for the Special license and you are virtually assured of your hunt, and of hearing bulls bugling with rifle in hand!


This outfitter’s hunting area lies in the Bridger Teton National Forest in north western Wyoming; and  is located between Yellowstone Park and the Grand Teton National Park. This makes him quite unique as his camp sits midway between two protected Elk areas — both of which are known for the numbers and size of their bulls.  His camp can be driven to, which is another plus – no long ride just to get there. You will stay in heated wall tents with bunks and stoves. There is a separate cook tent and hearty meals are the norm. This area is a designated wilderness, meaning non-residents must hunt with guides, and no motorized vehicles are allowed. So you either have horses, or you do a lot of walking!

Hunting is normally done by saddling up and heading out before daylight, getting some elevation and glassing and calling. If elk are not located you will either hike to another vantage point; or use the horses. When elk are found, you may call them or stalk them.

One nice thing is that his main area calls for you to draw a General tag. In 2009, if you applied at the higher priced “Special level” ($1071); then you drew your tag. 100% draw! If you applied for a General tag at the regular price level ($591)—then you had 23% odds of drawing. Not awful, about 1 in 4.

His area has an elk season which opens historically around Sept 20- so bull should be screaming. Since you can rifle hunt at that time- you get a chance to hear bulls, locate them by their bugling, then close with them and reach out with a rifle to touch them! Wyoming is one of the few states allowing elk to be hunted with rifle, during the September bugle! It sure makes life easier! There are good bulls here and we think 260 to 310 class are the norm, but there are bigger.

222-Elk-1-200x150  Beside elk, you are apt to see moose, mule deer, grizzly and more, all in some spectacular mountain country. With the two Parks so close by, family members can also stay busy here if they join you- or if they choose to just stay nearby!  September in the high country of Wyoming is a sight to behold!     

A family operated outfit for over 50 years, they have good help and normally gentle horses. Just get up, eat a good breakfast, jump in the saddle, and off you go!

For those of you who seem to feel you are allergic to draw hunts and do not want to risk not drawing — knowing that you are virtually sure to draw either of these tags should change your viewpoint. And if you are the one unlucky guy who gets struck by lightning – you know the draw results by early March or late February- and we still have plenty of time to get you into another hunt! So it is a win-win- and Wyoming for years has held the title of best overall success on elk of any western state! And we kick out some big bulls too!

2016 Big Game Hunt Prices

Elk & Deer Guided Hunts (2 Hunters per 1 Guide): $4,500.00
• Archery Hunting Trips with Private Guide: $4,500.00
• Elk & Deer Hunts with Private Guide: $6,000.00
• Moose Hunting Trips with Private Guide: $6,000.00
• Elk Areas 71 and 79 – Moose Areas 14 and 15 – Deer Area 148
• You are REQUIRED to have a Wyoming Hunting License before participating in one of our Guided Hunting Trips