Wyoming Elk and Antelope Hunts #38

Wyoming Elk and Antelope Hunts #38

This professional big game outfitting operation is based in eastern Wyoming. We have been working with them for nearly 20 years, and know them well. In fact Butch’s wife, Joan, did an October 2017 elk hunt with them and took a very solid 6X6 the first day, watching while the guide and Butch called him off the top of a mountain a mile and a half away! He came for an hour, screaming and bugling and was visible the whole way. Awesome experience!

Wy-38-deer-3-300x291          Joan-2017-bull-elk-225x300

This outfit conducts all hunts on various private ranches encompassing over 60,000 acres of prime habitat for Elk, Deer, and Antelope in S.E. Wyoming. Much of this acreage is credited to a handful of very large, well managed private ranches. Working closely with the ranch owners allows the outfitter to maintain quality hunting on all of the ranches, and in doing so produce some fantastic trophies. Butch saw in 2017 two good elk brought in and a couple whopper antelope, and one muley as well- all on the first day!

The operation is relatively small in scale, when compared to many of the higher profile public land operations in the state. Being small has its advantages, like greater attention to detail, hands-on management of the ranches, and the big game herds they support. In 2015 they built a new hunting lodge with 6 bedrooms, three baths, a lounge area, big screen TV etc. Not fancy but clean and very comfortable. They also run a fun camp, with lots of joshing, ribbing and good food too.

Most of the hunting is done from 4-wheel drives, ATV’s and on foot. Locating animals by glassing is the norm, and then making the stalk on foot. The guides are all licensed professionals who have spent their entire lives hunting in this area. All of them are very accomplished trophy hunters themselves that understand what makes a quality hunt for the client. Knowing the country and behavior of the animals is their business, and they are good at what they do.

All of the hunts are conducted with professionalism; all are fair chase; and all laws and regulations are obeyed strictly. Below is a list of hunts that are offered, the length of the hunt, and the price. All prices are fully outfitted, and guided 2×1 and include your lodging and meals. They like you to arrive by noon on the day before your hunt, to shoot your gun, do paperwork and get settled and ready for the 4AM start the next day.

LICENSES: Wyoming is a draw state for non-resident hunters the outfitter will assist clients with the application process. S.E. Wyoming is unique in that it is made up of almost entirely private land making license availability very good. This outfitter will also assist you with the application process! Elk applications must be filed by THE END OF January! Deer and Antelope must be applied for by May 31.

Wyoming has a two tiered license system. There is a Regular price license and a Special price license. That two tiered system exists on deer, antelope and elk and on some other species. In 2017 the Regular price elk tag was $577; while a Special price elk tag is $1057. You pay more for a Special level but you often get a big jump in your odds for drawing. That is the only advantage in applying at the Special level. Sometimes your odds may be two to three times greater for drawing at the Special level. The hunt that Joan shot her bull on is drawable at the Special price level with a single point, and with 2 points it is virtually a sure thing.

Note the terrain!

Wy-38-Elk-3-267x300    Wy-38-elk-2-300x289

We think this is a superb elk hunt in a relatively easy area to draw ( meaning a General Tag). Season is normally the month of October on private lands. Bulls her range from around 260 to 340, and many are 300 class. Because of the private ranches, the elk are very undisturbed, making them easier to call and stalk. Not pushovers though, you still earn them, but you are likely to go home with your bull here. We estimate elk success to average around 90% or so, assuming normal weather. And some great bulls too. We like the fact that they do not Archery Elk- bulls are more laid back and largely unbothered until the season begins. And with so much private land, pressure is minimized. Elk Hunts begin in Early October, the first of which is a rifle hunt in the peak of the rut. The elk on these big ranches are around all year long, these are not migrating elk. The quality feed and lack of hunting pressure on the ranches support large herds of elk, and selective harvest has resulted in the taking of some great bulls over the years. And the relatively good draw odds mean you can hunt here every other year or every third year!! Some clients do elk, collect two preference points while hunting mule deer and/or antelope; then again buy the elk tag on year 3.


WY-38-Antelope-3  They have some high success Archery antelope hunts as well as rifle antelope. For archery you must first draw you tag (1005 odds normally)—then buy a $30 over the counter Archery license. This area has some excellent genetics for mass and length and good prongs. Plenty of animals and you can be selective on this hunt. Several of their Antelope areas are 100% draw- allowing many of their long time clients to return year after year. Many clients also do the Mule Deer/Antelope combo hunts as muley tags are also an easy draw here. Normally we expect 100% kill on both species. They hunt Areas 34 and 38, which usually require approx. 1 preference point to draw.

The antelope seasons begin in early October. Hunts are 3 days, fully outfitted. These 4 different areas are equal in production of trophy antelope. The ranches are managed to produce high numbers of antelope, and great buck to doe ratios. Antelope hunts are exciting and very affordable; they can also be combined with any other big game hunt. Many of our clients choose to hunt with archery equipment and the ranches have consistently produced fantastic archery trophies for many years. The ranches have very high concentrations of antelope, and blind locations for archers are perfectly situated to afford clients the best possible chance at a close range shot.


WY-38-Deer2-300x275  Mule Deer here will typically run from around 160 to 190 class. They tend to have good width and mass as well. And of course having spent most of their lives on relatively secluded private lands with difficult public access, they tend to have age and be a bit more approachable You will do plenty of glassing, try to put them to bed and then make your stalk. You can see the typical terrain in the pictures above. Success on Muleys is probably very close to 100%.

Wy-38-Deer-262x300  Deer are hunted in Regions “T” and “J” which have consistently maintained 100% drawing odds for non-residents. Mule Deer hunts begin in early October and run throughout the month. These ranches have earned a reputation for quality trophy mule deer. One of out clients harvested a 191 inch trophy just a few years back. They also specialize in trophy Mule deer/Antelope combination hunts. Managing the ranches to maintain good genetics, and produce some great trophies is top priority. Mature bucks can often be spotted from a 4-wheel drive and then a careful stalk is planned to get the client within a comfortable range.
Meat processing is only about a 10 minute drive from camp.

2022 PRICING: 

Elk – $7,495 for 5-day hunt
Antelope Rifle – $2,595 for 3-day hunt
Antelope Archery – $2,495 for 3-day hunt
Mule Deer – $5,995 for 5-day hunt
Mule Deer/Antelope combo – $7,995 for 5-day hunt
Non-hunting observer – $1,500

All prices are based on 2×1 guiding. Add $1,000 for 1×1 guiding.

Guiding, meals, accommodations, in-field transportation, trophy care

Licenses, Conservation Stamp ($12.50), Lodging Tax (approx. $25), Meal Tax (approx. $8).

    Wy-38-Antelope-300x274  ACCOMMODATIONS
You will generally be staying in rustic but comfortable cabins on the ranch.

You will be hunting near Wheatland, which is about 45 minutes north of Cheyenne, in southeast Wyoming. You can either fly to Denver and rent a car for the 3-hour drive, or you can fly into a closer regional airport in Casper or Cheyenne and arrange for the outfitter to pick you up from there (for an additional charge).

There is a meat processor very close to the hunting area.


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