Wyoming Trophy Mule Deer, Antelope & Elk – #232

Wyoming Trophy Mule Deer, Antelope & Elk – #232


We believe this is likely the largest contiguous ranch in the entire West.  For the trophy mulie; elk or pronghorn hunter, or the avid trout fisher, this place is heaven in Wyoming. And the prices are quite reasonable for what they offer you! For 2010, the 16 hunters harvested 13 Trophy Bucks between 160″ to 192″. Averages are in the 160 to 175 range, but obviously in such a huge area there are always big ones.   Accommodations are in a superb 4 star lodge w/2 guests per room with private bath. Our clients who deer hunted here report a ton of elk and we think the elk hunting and the antelope hunting is just plain excellent.

At over 570,000 acres this incredible Ranch is we believe, the largest contiguous ranch in the Rocky Mountains. Within the ranch boundaries, there are about 12,000 cattle, 400 bison, 10,000 antelope, 2,000 elk, a number of mule deer; 100,000 trout, and 30 lakes. It is an outdoorsman’s panacea, producing big mule deer, 300 class and bigger elk; and antelope in the 75” to 84” range! Deer tags are easy to draw, elk (Area 16) and antelope are harder. Obviously deer here die of old age regularly!

The ranch lies in Central Wyoming and has elevation ranges from 6,300 to 9,200 feet. It has a huge variety of terrain, from very easy to hard; from high alpine mountain meadows to red rim-rock canyons to lush grass prairies. The ranch manages their timber, grasslands and water resources to nurture both the environment and the wildlife. Most hunting is spot and stalk, using ranch vehicles to access areas.

Their mule deer are lightly hunted and a client who is patient should see deer in the 170” class and possibly better. Most clients harvest bucks in the 160’ to 180” class. There are some giants here that are seldom seen and die of old age! Shots tend to be long- 200 to 300 yards. Use good binocs and bipods !  AREA 70 has a short hunting season: Oct 15-21- muley must have 3 points on one side as it is a trophy area. Apply on line before May 31st and apply at the higher priced Special tag for 100% draw for your tag. DO NOT APPLY FOR AREA 70 – INSTEAD APPLY FOR REGION D- IT INCLUDES AREA 70 AND HAS MUCH BETTER DRAW ODDS! No preference point needed at the Special rate. You can secure this tag every year if you follow our guidelines Special deer tag is currently $566.!  

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Their antelope appear in many record books and they have a long history of giant antelope- antelope from the 75” to 84” range- and a chance for larger we again believe. You however will need to purchase antelope points ($30/year- apply between July 1 and Sept). Currently 3-4 points should let you draw here– and the chance for a book antelope is excellent. Be prepared for long range shooting!



Elk here is also a limited draw, just like the antelope. Contact us for assistance, but start buying points at $50 per year! You won’t regret the small investment! And there are a lot of big bulls hiding here!

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Located within renowned Hunt Area 16, the Ranch’s deeded land holdings provide you the opportunity to hunt elk across several different habitat types. Hunting terrain varies from open meadows in the timber to vast Juniper flats to windswept ridgelines. Depending on the time of year your hunt can range from bugling rutting herd bulls in the thick timber to spotting and stalking elk on open ridgelines. We take pride in the craft of understanding our elk herds and the skill and efficiency needed to provide you with a memorable hunting experience.

Elk: 5 Day Bull Elk Rifle or Archery Hunt (1×1 guide ratio) – $7,000
Apply Jan 1-31; results Feb 28. Seasons: rifle is month of October; bow is month of September

All the big game hunts are based at a comfortable log lodge. Each guest room is complete with an individual bath and daily housekeeping services. They limit the number of guests so each hunting experience is the finest possible. Food is superb and plentiful, the scenery is endless, and the land stretches your imagination to the limits! This is not just a trophy hunt; it is an experience in the real Old West done in hundreds of thousands of acres! AND they are an Orvis endorsed fishing lodge/pro shop!

FISHING: The Orvis-endorsed lodge is the most recent recreational addition. The 30 lakes on the ranch range in size from a few acres to nearly 100 acres. As a result, the trout are as wild as the animals on the ranch. Pristine water and rich food sources keeps the trout’s sizes and numbers to a maximum. The result is an incredible fishery with rainbow, brown, brook, cutthroat, and rainbow-cutthroat hybrid called a cutbow. And they will work with anyone from a novice fly fisher to an expert. Ponds range from prairie-like waters near the ranch headquarters to the solitude of high, backcountry stream-fed lakes. As is the nature of fishing, a successful day might wait at the edges of one pond more abundantly than at another. But no matter, with the selection of and variety of water, fishing success is just a cast away.

Trophies range from 4-9 pound rainbows and brown trout. Like all trophies, they may not show every day, but anglers will have their chance to have their picture taken with a trophy trout. All fishing is catch and release fly fishing. You can bring your own gear or use theirs. You can outfit yourself with the very best from Orvis in the fly shop. Their staff of Orvis-qualified, knowledgeable guides will recommend gear to suit your fly fishing experience.    Price per day with lodging is approx. $520 pp.      


Application Deadline; Antelope: January 1 – May 15
Hunting Seasons : Antelope rifle: September 25 – October 31
Archery: Aug 15- Sept 25
Antelope rifle: September 25 – October 31 Archery: Aug 15- Sept 25

              TO BOOK OR FOR INFO : CALL 1-307-637-5495

                           EMAIL: info@hunt-nation.com