Wyoming Whitetails, Antelope and Elk – #188

Wyoming Whitetails, Antelope and Elk – #188

This outfitter is normally full on his mule deer and spot and stalk whitetail hunts but we try to concentrate on his whitetail stand hunts- which are under hunted and which offer great opportunity at more reasonable prices than his spot and stalk hunts.  His ranches for Whitetails are in Northeast Wyoming.  He leases about two dozen ranches comprising over 250,000 acres, and strictly manages the properties for quality bucks and high game numbers. He has focused on quality deer management (QDM) for years, and has consistently improved the age and trophy quality of harvested game. Although closely managed, the game is all free ranging.  He generally produces at or close to a 100 percent harvest! However, his focus is less on pulling the trigger, and more on producing outstanding trophies and truly mature bucks.

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WHITETAILS:  His area also holds a lot of under hunted whitetails. Hunters regularly see hundreds of deer on a hunt, sometimes that many in a single field in a single evening!! You will see more deer here than most guys see in years on their home turf! Simply put, the whitetail deer numbers in this area are astounding! The average whitetail scores either side of 140 with plenty reaching 150 and bucks over 160 are normally  taken every year! His best ever exceeded 190! That was a bow kill.

In recent years they took 3 deer that were 150″ plus in the archery season, and a mid 160″ and a 170″ in the rifle season.  Their largest whitetail bucks in recent years: 2008 – 170″ archery and 165″ rifle; 2007 – 193″ archery and 160″ rifle; 2006 – 164″ archery and 162″ rifle; 2005 – 165″ archery and 168″ rifle. NOT too shabby! And success on these hunts is typically right around 100%.  You can spend much more going to Canada, and not do any better then these reasonably priced hunts. And in our home state of Wyoming you will see normally lots of deer daily!

 Rifle hunting for whitetails begins October 15 and runs through the month of November.  Lots of scouting and the predictability of the pre-rut whitetail feeding routines insures great success at this time of year. Rutting activity kicks in about the first of November and is intense. Bucks chasing does and bucks fighting, rubbing and scraping are commonly seen on these later hunts. Sightings of 10 to 50 bucks each day is common on all whitetail hunts here!! This is a true sleeper of a hunt, in an area of very high quality bucks and with big deer numbers. Hunts are 5 days- archery is also done with great success in both Sept and November- with some monsters being taken- a 170 last year! You will hunt from tree stands, ladder stands and ground blinds over previously scouted active feed and travel areas.

HINTS: On these whitetail hunts –you are pretty much guaranteed success if  you can shoot out to 250 yards! Bring good shooting sticks or a bi-pod (Wyoming is windy!)- and good binocs!

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ANTELOPE: He hunts Areas 15, and 109. Their antelope will average over 5 years old, with some 80+ inch antelope taken most years and mid-70s being the average. The quality of this Wyoming antelope hunt is therefore excellent. We think a 13.5” to 15 inch buck is the norm. Expect to see a lot of antelope on your hunt! Antelope archery hunts begin August 15, and the rifle season begins as early as September 15 in one unit, allowing rifle hunting during the rut. There are so many antelope here that you can get 2 Buck Antelope tags; and it is a unit that has a 100% draw rate! His price is higher then some, but lower the others, however the hunt is top notch! If you can shoot well, we would expect 100% success here. And we like the second antelope option! Prices below.

As we said, normally due to a high return rate, we seldom get a chance to get clients into this operation, but we try to at least et 2 to 4 clients in here each year, and the outfitter works with us on doing that. He targets. mule deer at 6- to 8-years of age. Harvested mulies generally average in the 155 to 175 range with 24- to 28-inch spreads average. The areas hunted produce deep forks and good mass. Most mature bucks have an extra point or two. Bucks over 200 inches have been taken in the past with 180s taken most years. He is confident that on a standard hunt, every client should see mule deer bucks in the 150- to 180-class range.
In Wyoming the rifle mule deer hunts start October 1 and this early season ends October 14, with the late rifle season kicking in on October 15 and ending October 31. The October hunts are four hunting days – Oct. 1-4, 6-9, 10-13, 15-18, 21-24, and 28-31. These are good hunts to combine with antelope. In October, the mulies are hunted on feeding and bedding patterns. There are high mule deer densities in Wyoming, and clients usually see a hundred or more deer each day, with 10-50 bucks per day being common. The good old days of mulie hunting are back in this area of Wyoming!

Here is what one of our 2016 clients had to say.
11/2/2016 Brain, thanks to you and Butch for hooking me up with Brian at Big Buck Outfitters. Everything went smooth. Killed nice mule deer and exceptional antelope from Sheridan lodge in October. Everything was first rate. I’ll be back. If you need a reference, let me know. Thanks again.

2017 Pricing (2X1 guiding):

Whitetail Stand hunt: $3950 Bow or rifle!!!
Combo whitetail with an Antelope $5950
Antelope: $2950
Mule Deer $4950
Mule Deer/Antelope Combo $6950
Elk $6950 Area 38 (2 or 3 points to draw) or area 39 type 2 Bull tag, No Points Needed
Archery elk $6500
Whitetail $4,500
Whitetail Kansas $5,500
Archery whitetail $3,950
Archery mule deer $4,950
Spring turkey $2,950
Fall turkey upgrade $1,000
Upland bird upgrade $500/day
Prairie dogs $450/day
Observer $200/day

The hunts listed above include guide service, airport pick-up at Sheridan, WY, lodging and food.

 LICENSE DRAW INFO: Muley in this area is Region Y. Antelope usually 109 area.             

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