Yukon Sheep, Caribou, Moose and Bear Hunt # 121

Yukon Sheep, Caribou, Moose and Bear Hunt # 121

This outfitter runs a family owned and operated outfitting business located in central Yukon.  They have been involved in the outfitting and guiding industry for over 25 years in Manitoba, Yukon, Alaska, Australia and New Zealand.

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Hunts are conducted with one guide assigned to each hunter.  Whether you are planning a “single species” or a “mixed bag” hunt, we have the equipment, professional staff and knowledge of the area to assist you in taking your trophies.  As your outfitter we are out in the field and have control over each hunt.  Our broad background and experience in the outfitting and guiding industry ensures the success of your hunt and satisfaction of our clients as our best means of advertising.

Our hunting territory, concession area number 14 is located in central Yukon, 140 air miles north of Whitehorse.  The country is magnificent, far away from civilization and accessible only by boat or plane.  Together we work to make this a prime hunting area with its trophy wild game accessible to hunters world-wide.

They are the only permitted big game guiding company in this 7000 square mile area (approximately 4.5 million acres).  Using a variety of spike camps throughout the hunting area we are able to offer quality hunting for Stone Sheep, Yukon Moose, Mountain Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Wolf and Wolverine in the months of August, September, and October.  Also available are Spring hunts for   Grizzly and Black Bear and winter hunts for Wolf.  You will find unbelievable fishing in the many lakes and rivers throughout the hunting area.


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You will find that most of the rams in our hunting area are very dark, as dark as any Stone Sheep that you will find in British Columbia. The trophy rams in our area have been averaging 38 inches each season. Outfitter tries to set a standard of harvesting only rams with the tip of at least one horn extending above the bridge of the nose. This requirement ensures that we consistently produce rams that are over a full curl, providing you with a top quality trophy.


The sheep country is vast with elevations from 4500 to 7000 feet. We use horses but also be prepared to do some hiking to get into prime sheep country. You will generally find mild weather during these hunts, but also be prepared for possible fall storms. We like to concentrate our sheep hunts from August 1st into early September. The season is open for all other species that we hunt at this time and if you would like to harvest another animal during this hunt trophy fees will apply.


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Alaska/Yukon Moose are the largest moose in the world and are abundant throughout the hunting area, standing over 7 feet at the shoulder and weighing over 1800 pounds. It is not uncommon to see bulls with antler spreads over 65 inches.  The moose in our area average anywhere from 58 inches to 63 inches.

Our moose country is filled with long valleys with numerous lakes. The big bulls are found anywhere from valley bottoms to high on the mountains with elevations ranging from 2000 to 6000 feet. Most of the hunting will be done using horses.  We also use boats at camps located on lakes and rivers.


This hunting area has an excellent population of Mountain Caribou. When the rut is underway we often see herds numbering over 50. Average trophy bull Mountain Caribou score between 375 to 390 Boone and Crockett, with many bulls scoring over 400 Boone and Crockett.


Our Caribou are generally found above timberline at elevations of 4500 to 6500 feet. The country is wide open with lots of opportunities for glassing and stocking big bulls. Most of the hunting will be done horseback from one of our base or spike camps.


We offer both spring and fall hunts for Grizzly. Average size is 8 feet square, with the area producing several bears over 9 feet square.


Spring Bear hunts are conducted from a boat along the Pelly and Yukon rivers.  Method of hunting is spot and stalk.  Black Bears are numerous in many parts of our area.  50% color phase is the normal and all Grizzly hunters are able to harvest 2 Black Bears at no extra charge.



We are very proud to provide our guests with cabin accommodations at 20 different locations throughout our hunting area. Camps are clean and comfortable.  All camps are located in prime hunting areas accessible by horseback, boat or floatplane only.  Backpack tents are used on some hunts when an overnight stay is required to make a hunt more successful.

Wall tents are used when we are hunting remote country where cabins are not available.


2015/2016 Hunt Rates and Dates

Stone Sheep Hunt                           $24,000
Stone Sheep Harvest Fee: $12,000
Harvest Fees for other animals taken on this hunt:
Caribou, Moose or Grizzly                                  $8000

Hunt 1(July 30-Aug 11)                                      Hunt 2(Aug 11-22)
Hunt 3(Aug 22-Sept 3)                                       Hunt 4(Sept 3-15)

There is no harvest fee for Black Bear, Wolf or Wolverine on any of the hunts


Yukon Moose Hunt                      $14,000
Moose Harvest Fee: $5,000
Harvest Fees for other animals taken on this hunt:
Caribou or Grizzly                                              $8000

Horse Back Hunts:  Hunt 4(Sept 3-15)          Hunt 5(Sept 15-26)       Hunt 6(Sept 26-Oct 7)
Lake Hunts:            Sept 12-23                     Sept 23- Oct 4


Mountain Caribou Hunt             $10,000
Caribou Harvest Fee: $5,000
Harvest Fees for other animals taken on this hunt:
Moose $9,000            Grizzly $8,000

Hunt 3(Aug 22-Sept3)    Hunt 4(Sept 3-15)         Hunt 5(Sept 15-26)



Spring Grizzly Bear Hunt          $10,000
Harvest Fees for Grizzly: $5,000
8 Day Hunt in May


Fall Grizzly Bear Hunt                   $10,000

Harvest Fees for Grizzly: $5,000

Harvest Fees on a Moose: $9,000

Oct 12 -20th

All Hunters are able to Harvest 2 Black Bears at no extra charge


– Waterproof Hiking Boots (good grip sole
& heal)
– Waterproof Rain Gear (top & bottom)
– Good/Warm Sleeping Bag
– Duffle Bags (2 bags 35 pounds each)
– Soft Gun Case
– Warm Coat
– Cotton Pants
– Wool/Fleece Pants
– Long-Underwear (top & bottoms)
– Underwear, T-shirts & Handkerchiefs
– Wool/Fleece/Flannel Shirt
– Wool/Fleece Sweater/Jacket
– Tennis Shoes/Slippers (when drying out
your Boots)
– Unlined Gloves
– Lined Warm Gloves (2 Pair)
– Warm Hat with Flaps/Stocking Cap
– Ball Cap
– Wool & Cotton Socks
– Pocket/Hunting/Skinning Knifes
– Waterproof Matches & “Bic” Lighter
– Plastic Water Bottle (quart size)
– Small Day Backpack (to carry
– Lightweight Flashlight & Batteries
– Candle
– Wrist or Pocket Watch
– Soap/Shampoo/Shaving Kit
– Rifle & Ammunition
– Binoculars
– Camera/Film/Memory Cards/Batteries
– Chapstick, Sunscreen, Aspirin, Rolaids,
Band-Aids, Moleskin, etc.
– Prescription Medicine
– Personal First Aid Kit
– Insoles
– Lens paper
– Towel/Wash Cloth

Passport / Custom Papers
-Firearms Declaration


Optional: Spotting Scope with Scope Caps, Pen, Pencil, Paper, Moisturizer, Snow Seal (Waterproofer), Gaiters, Candy, Liquor or Beer (Limit 1), Sunglasses, Goretex Sleeping Bag Cover

Sheep Hunts: Framed or Internal Frame Backpack on most sheep hunts, Waterproof Hiking Boots (Make sure they are broken in!). Fleece clothing is best as it is warm, lightweight and dries quickly.

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