Zimbabwe Dangerous Game and Plains Game # 258

Zimbabwe Dangerous Game and Plains Game # 258

258.1  Over 30 years experience in Zimbabwe hunting dangerous game and plains game, means you are hunting with seasoned veterans who know the game and the country, and know it well. This outfit, and its PH’s have a sterling record, compiled over many years of professional hunting.

They have two locations. The first is in the world famous Save Valley Conservancy in the South East Lowveld of Zimbabwe. The Save Valley Conservancy is just under 1 million acres in size and is reported to be the largest private wildlife area in the world. The area is renowned for its big 4 hunting as well as a huge variety and abundance of plainsgame. There is a wide diversity of habitats including open acacia woodland, mopane woodland, thick riverine vegetation and broken granite outcrops. Black and white rhino are likely to be seen during your safari there.

Their second location is sometimes considered to be one of Zimbabwe’s best hunting concessions. It is called the Sengwa Research area. It is located in the North West portion of the country in the Gokwe District. It is exactly half way between Harare and Victoria Falls. This offers a great opportunity for incoming guests to visit the world famous Victoria Falls en route to their safari. Vic Falls has to be seen to be appreciated. And with the US dollar so strong against the nearly worthless Zim Dollar, spending time in the Falls area is not expensive, and there are some wonderful hotels and restaurants.
This truly beautiful area consists of huge floodplains and rolling plateaus. The wide variety of terrain from Mopane woodland, jesse, sandveld ridges and huge vlei’s provide wonderful habitat for huge resident herds of elephant, buffalo and plainsgame. Obviously plentiful prey allows for a good population of the big cats.
Elephant trophies average between 40 and 45 pounds with the occasional bull over 50 pounds being taken most years. Tuskless cows are also plentiful and these safaris are close to 100% successful. The best times for hunting the bulls are early in March through May and late in September and October. Tuskless cows are better during the drier months of June through October.
Buffalo are plentiful and are best during the drier months of June through October.
The big cats are best hunted during the cool months of May through August. All cat hunting here is done during daylight hours and is therefore a great opportunity for the hunting purists who prefer not to use artificial light.
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The Camp in the Save area is situated on the banks of the Turgwe River in the heart of the Save Valley Conservancy. It has six luxury stone chalets with the typical thatch roofs and includes en-suite bathrooms. The dining area is continuous with a wooden deck that offers stunning views of the river. The camp is shaded by a canopy of giant nyala berry trees.

The Camp in the Sengwa area consists of three East African safari style tents . All are what you would expect of a quality operation, with en-suite bathrooms and all the necessary conveniences for a very enjoyable and comfortable stay. A central dining area on a big bluff overlooking the Sengwa River provides a wonderful and scenic evening relaxation spot.

Finally, they have a pretty little guest lodge in Harare for their clients. The rate per night is around $125 and includes airport transfer, all food and beverages and shopping trips within Harare. This helps you get a night of rest before jumping off for the bush.


No. of Days Description of Safari US$
5 day Non-trophy Buffalo Package ( Below 34″ and Non-exportable) $8500 Package
5 day Non-trophy Buffalo Package ( Below 34″ and Exportable) $9500 Package
7 day Plainsgame Mokore 1×1 – $550/Day
7 day Plainsgame Mokore(2 clients per 1 Pro-Hunter) 2×1 – 500 each/Day
7 day Plainsgame Mokore Bowhunt 1×1 – $500/Day
7 day Plainsgame Bowhunt Mokore (2 clients per 1 Pro-Hunter) 2×1 – $450 each/Day
7 day Plainsgame Mokore Bowhunt (3 clients per Pro-hunter) 3×1 – $400 each/Day
7 day Plainsgame Sengwa 1×1 – $750/Day
7 day Plainsgame Sengwa (2 Clients per 1 Pro-Hunter) 2×1 – 700 each/Day
7 day Plainsgame Sengwa Bowhunt 1×1 – $750/Day
7 day Non-trophy Elephant ( broken Ivory or Cow, Non-exportable) $ 12000 Package
10 day Sable/Plainsgame 1 x 1 – $1000/Day
10 day Tuskless Elephant /Plainsgame 1 x 1 – $1000/Day
12 day Tuskless Elephant /Buffalo/Plainsgame 1 x 1 – $1300/Day
10 day Buffalo/Plainsgame 1 x 1 – $1300/Day
10 day Buffalo/Plainsgame (2 clients per Pro-Hunter) 2×1 – $1250 each/Day
15 day Leopard /Plainsgame Sengwa 1 x 1 – $1150/Day
15 day Leopard /Plainsgame Save 1 x 1 – $1500/Day
15 day Buffalo/Sable/Plainsgame 1×1 – $1300/Day
15 day Buffalo/Leopard/Plainsgame Mokore 1 x1 – $1750/Day
15 day Buffalo/Leopard/Plainsgame Sengwa 1 x1 – $1450/Day
18 day Buffalo/Leopard/Sable/Plainsgame 1×1 – $1750/Day
12 day Elephant/Plainsgame Mokore 1×1 – $ 1500/Day
12 day Elephant/Plainsgame Sengwa 1×1 – $1000/Day
15 day Elephant/Buffalo/Plainsgame 1×1 – $1500/Day
21 day Lion/Buffalo/Tuskless Ele/Sable/Plainsgame 1×1 – $2500/Day
28 day Lion/Elephant/Buffalo/Tuskless 1×1 – $2500/Day


Observer Fee for big game safari: US$250 per person per day
CITES permits for elephant, leopard and crocodile: $150 each
Pre-baiting for cat or crocodile hunts: $300 per day + bait trophy fees
Vehicle Transfer from Harare to Mokore $500 one way
Vehicle Transfer to the Zambezi Valley from Harare $500 one way
Vehicle Transfer from Harare to Sengwa – One way $500
Vehicle Transfer from Sengwa to Mokore – One Way $750
Conservation Levy – $20/person/day
4% Gov levy on total daily rates and trophy fees.
All cat or elephant hunts on Private Land now need a Parks Ranger- $100/day he is needed.
                          Sengwa              Mokore                       Sengwa             Mokore
Elephant 12,500.00 14,000.00 Hyeana 700.00 650.00
Lion 10,000.00 15,000.00 Warthog 700.00 400.00
Hippo 5,000.00 Bushpig 550.00 400.00
Ele- Cow 4,000.00 4,000.00 Porcupine 220.00 220.00
Leopard 5,000.00 7,500.00 Antbear 300.00
Sable 5,000.00 Honey Badger 300.00
Crocodile 4,500.00 4,500.00 Caracal 500.00



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