• Wyoming Whitetail 10 point 235 lbs- Congrats Ray O.

    Jeff, Had a fantastic trip on WY #188. Got a real nice deer on Thursday . Herb was my guide and hunted hard to make it happen. Saw Antelope, Mulies, Eagles, prairie dogs, pheasants. The country was fantastic . Went to the Cody museum crossed the Bighorns to get there what a view. Can’t say… Read More »
  • Discussion on Elephant Hunting

    We here at Hunt Nation recently got an email from a client, expressing serious doubts about our conservation ethics when advertising elephant hunts in Africa. Butch responded and we thought his answer was worth sharing. Dear XXXX: I want to thank you for being so forthright in your feelings about hunting elephants. As you probably… Read More »
  • Tony’s Beautiful Argentina Stag

    Hi Brian, this is Tony H., Mark & I booked a Red Stag hunt with you in Argentina. I just want to thank you. The camp was awesome & amazing. The food and cabins were top notch. My guide Poncho was number 1. He was so great to get along with & knows his stuff.… Read More »
  • Wyoming Draw Results & More Opportunities

    Wyoming allows you to go on-line and buy cheap preference points for antelope ($30); deer ($40) and elk ($50). Sheep ($100) and Moose ($75) can also be purchased. Points are general and not tied to any area- so buy them, and use them when you decide where to hunt. Points accumulate so long as you… Read More »
  • Hunt Nation- 2016 Best of Cheyenne Award

    Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Butch’s Hunt Nation Receives 2016 Best of Cheyenne Award Cheyenne Award Program Honors the Achievement CHEYENNE May 18, 2016 — Butch’s Hunt Nation has been selected for the 2016 Best of Cheyenne Award in the Tours-Operators & Promoters category by the Cheyenne Award Program. Each year, the Cheyenne Award Program… Read More »
  • African Lions- An Explanation of Management Issues

    We are indebted to the author and to African Indaba for a wonderful explanation of the issues with lions in Africa. Extremely insightful and must reading!! African Indaba » Carnivores, Sustainable Use, Zimbabwe » Culling to Conserve: A Hard Truth for Lion Conservation  From  the April 2016, Volume 14-2 issue: People that don’t live in… Read More »
  • Paul H. Red Stag – Argentina #39

        Great Trophy Paul, Congratulations!  Scratch that one off your bucket list. “Hey Brian hope all is well w/ you and your family the Argentina hunt was first class. As you can see the hunt was a great success, the accommodation were excellent, food was great and guides professional thank you for all your… Read More »
  • Tips on Judging Black Bear Size

    ATTITUDE Big bears are the toughest, meanest sons-of-a-guns in the valley and they act it. Watch a human bully walk down the street, he walks with a swagger and an attitude. A big bear walks the same way. He doesn’t fit and start at every sound like a small bear will. A big bear doesn’t… Read More »
  • Quebec Reduces Caribou Limit

    If you have a caribou hunt booked for 2016 or later, be aware of a new regulation change just now implemented! The Quebec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks has announced that for the 2016-2017 hunting season, hunters will be allowed to take one caribou per hunting license. While you may purchase two licenses, your… Read More »
  • Muley Fanatic Foundation Presents Award to BMOA

    The Muley Fanatic Foundation, a 501 C (3) non-profit conservation organization, was established in 2012 by Joshua Coursey and Joey Faigl. Headquartered in Green River, Wyoming, MFF aims to ensure the conservation of mule deer and their habitat and to provide supporting services to further the sport of hunting and sound wildlife management. MFF currently… Read More »
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